Do you want to connect more deeply with your womb?

Do you DESIRE MORE GUIDANCE or support in reclaiming traditional ways of wellness in your body + community?

Are you preparing your body for pregnancy, postpartum, or menopause?

Do you ever feel like you're so busy caring for others that you have LITTLE to NO time, resources, or drive left for yourself? (or do you desire more of these)

Do you have painful periods that stop you in your tracks?

Do you struggle with hip pain, back pain, pelvic floor pain, or maintaining a healthy menstrual cycle?

Is sex painful, dissatisfying, or just not as pleasurable as it used to be?

You KNOW that HEALING YOUR WOMB will liberate your body, opening up the inevitable floodgates of ANCESTRAL HEALING. 

Instead of taking the deep dive, you’re patiently WAITING for TIME, MONEY, SPACE, or the CONVENIENCE to DO THE INNER WORK YOU’RE MEANT TO DO.

Let me be an honest friend and tell you the truth: WAITING for a convenient time to heal yourself is NOT a good strategy. You could be waiting YOUR WHOLE LIFE. All you’re doing is missing out on being your best self. You’re missing out on showing up for the world as the highest YOU. 

WAITING, AVOIDING, DISTRACTING YOURSELF, keeps you stuck in colonial dynamics learned during times of survival. Your subconscious programming tells you the solution is to do what our mothers and grandmothers did: sacrifice themselves like martyrs for the common good EVERY DAY. 

Your internal dialogue rationalizes this wounded behavior, telling you that YOU DON’T HAVE THE MONEY, you CAN’T SPARE the TIME, or you don’t have the PRIVILEGE of investing in chucherias like SELF WOMB CARE

Colonial programming has robbed you, your children, your partner(s), + comunidad of benefitting from the BEST YOU. Meanwhile, your highest self waits years, decades, a whole lifetime, to emerge. 

Connecting with your inner power and using it TO CREATE your ultimate life, INSIDE + OUT is EXPANSIVE. Selling yourself short is EXPENSIVE.

It’s time you invest in your matriz.

I believe that la matriz is a pillar of health, and when you properly implement self womb care rituals, you heal your womb, feel deeply connected to mama earth, + connect with ALL the WOMBS BEFORE YOU. 

I want to help you learn how to implement practical tools for self womb care, so you can be on your way to manifesting the life you deserve- a life BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS.


The reason I’m so passionate about helping you is because I know how it feels in my body- MY WOMB, to LIBERATE myself from an unsustainable lifestyle. I KNOW that feeling of stepping OUT of toxicity, and STEPPING UP and INTO YOURSELF, accepting your place in the universe and comunidad. My ancestors led me here to HEAL intergenerational caca, and I want to offer you everything you need to do the same.

I was overworked and burnt out from financial stress. I gave ALL of my time to others, had a failing business that I was NOT passionate about, and a partner whose traumas brought out the worst in me.

I’m someone who 

uses the POWER of my sacred womb to manifest my dream life EVERY DAY.

I practice self womb care rituals + teach those skills to my children. I have so many clients that I’m booked for months in advance all year around. I LOVE my job and wake up INSPIRED to do it better EVERY single DAY. I’ve ignited international womb healing communities IRL + ONLINE using el puro poder de mi matriz! My example inspires countless folks to model their personal work + womb-centered businesses after mine- whether they’re paying clients, or just admiring from afar. THAT’S the kind of effortless beauty that happens once you step into your core + and give your womb what it needs.  


*disclaimer: results are individual, do the work.




One year access!

6 payments of $363/month

Premium Membership Payment Plan

One year access

I use(d) my womb to:

Finally leave a toxic relationship that was holding me back from what I really wanted + needed

Say NO to drudgery with a business that was failing + instead launch a sustainable, flexible womb-centered enterprise (DREAM JOB!)

Call in an amazing partner who can hold me + heal me (DREAM PARTNER)

Easily establish + maintain healthy boundaries with others- without guilt or fear (EMOTIONAL FREEDOM)

Shed friendships that no longer served me (INTERPERSONAL FREEDOM)

Build + sustain long-term healthy friendships that deeply nurture me on so many levels (BEST FRIENDS!)

Heal my deepest mother wound (PEACE with my mama)

Connect with clients and serve them more effectively (SUCCESSFUL RESULTS)

Call in more amazing life teachers and hope bringers 

Transform my family legacy by staying grounded in love while raising my children

Ground me during my deepest challenges

Fuel the rest of my body for self-renewal

Birth my four babies with purpose and clarity

Call in the right people to support + hold space for healing, transformative postpartum experiences

Help regulate stress + its toxic effects in the body/mind

It’s my PURPOSE to ignite womb healing because I know that when you’re womb centered, ancestral healing becomes inevitable.

Investing in yourself is transformative, 

But it’s a 24/7 job

YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK, and struggling, taking the long way, or doing it alone, can be exhausting and lead to burn out

That’s why I created Matriz y Concha

- because you deserve to have everything you need to heal your womb all in one place.



+ History and cultural context of the roles of pre-columbian Indigenous Doctors / healers in Ancient Mexico
+ Intro + History of Mexican Traditional Medicine (MTM) applications of Vaginal Steams 
+ Learn the history + indigenous uses of el rebozo Mexicano for self womb care + grounding rituals
+ An in-depth look at the human body from a Nahua indigenous worldview



+ Sobadas (Mesoamerican Womb Massage) / Self-womb massage basics for self care 
+ Why and how the position of your sexual organs impact your body and life, from the inside out
+ Instruction and demonstration on how to use a rebozo to fashion a faja for daily self care
+ How to find your uterus and ovaries 
+ Video tutorials for palpating and connecting with your internal organs, pelvic floor, vulva, breasts, and pelvis


+ How to make your own herbal infused oil for reproductive health, self sobadas/self womb massage, and hormonal balance
+ An in depth look at more than 20 yerbas for sexual, reproductive, hormonal balance, and womb wellness throughout your life + cycle
+ Over two dozen traditional names of yerbas in English, Spanish, Nahuatl, and Latin botanical naming systems
+ Why castor oil packs are used for healing + self care 
+Learn my castor oil pack protocol, including frequency + amount of time needed for therapeutic purposes 
+ Detailed instructions and demonstration on how to apply castor oil packs for different applications, such as abdominal congestion, adhesions, and detoxification


+ How to blend your own Vaginal or Sacral Steams for your unique body/cycle
+ Learn vaginal steam recipes for acute conditions and how to safely and efficiently blend, prepare, and use vaginal steam baths for basic self womb care
+ Vaginal (or sacral) steam uses, caveats, preparations, and blends for acute conditions


+ Traditional applications of therapeutic Herbs for womb wellness throughout your life and throughout your menstrual cycle
+ Learn which traditional foods are a nutritional part of hormonal, womb, gut + sexual health and how to prepare them using indigenous knowledge
+ Get detailed instructions, recipes, + demonstration on traditional fermented foods and drinks


+ Womb clearing and activating meditations, visualizations, and affirmations
+ Tips on how to use your womb to reach higher states of consciousness, manifest, and own your sexual, sensual, and creative poder
+ Meditations, visualizations, + affirmations for doing the deep emotional work of womb clearing + activating
+ Womb writing prompts for manifesting + stepping more deeply into your inner wisdom and power
+ Audio Meditations to show you how to not GAF + let go of caca: ancestral trauma, physical + emotional trauma, and toxic stress that weighs you down




One year access!

6 payments of $363/month

Premium Membership Payment Plan

One year access


I’m Panquetzani, 

an intuitive healer for women + folks 

who want to connect more deeply with their wombs and heal future generations in the process.

I was born into a matriarchal family of healers from the valley of Mexico (Tenochtitlan, Texcoco, y Tlaxcala), La Comarca Lagunera (Durango + Coahuila), and Zacatecas. I’ll never forget the stories my abuelas told me of my tatarabuelas being well respected + deeply LOVED community doctoras who healed others using their hands, herbs, ritual, and traditional foods. Through the stories of my grandmothers, and through receiving their potent medicina first-hand, I found myself in an informal apprenticeship learning skills that would serve my entire life and the lives of countless others. After a decade of using my inherited skills for transforming thousands of folks’ sexual and reproductive health, the demand for travel was SO HIGH, that I was inspired to expand my teachings by launching my online school, Indigescuela.

Photo of Indigemama in colorful clothes looking straight into the camera

Through my trabajo, I honor the 4,500 year-old traditions of my foremothers. I also acknowledge that due to colonialism, not everyone has the privilege of belonging to an uncut lineage of master healers. As women and birthing folks, that lack of connection harms us. That’s why I created Matriz y Concha: Lifelong Self Womb Care. So that together, we can rebuild wellness practices, using the intelligence of our ancestors. That’s my form of ancestral healing. Continuing the work of Josefita, my tatarabuela.

And now, it’s time for you to reclaim your body and bring back ancestral medicine to your lineage. Remember it so deeply that your great, great grandchildren could never forget. 


Start Date: Our FIRST EVER launch began on May 15
Since then, Matriz y Concha is available for you to enroll in at any time. 

100% Online Course
Learn with ease from any device, whenever you want, as long as you’re connected to the internet. 

Learn at your own pace
Modules are released once a week, giving you plenty of time to dive into the material before more goodness arrives. Each module builds on the next. 

Unlimited Replays
For as long as you’re subscribed, you can pause, rewind, and replay the audio and video in every module so that you can really squeeze the most out of it.

Full Access
You have premium access for a whole year upon purchase. If you purchased the accelerated 3-month program and you need more time, you can extend by subscribing monthly (think Wombflix + Chill).  

Worksheets + Exercises
All worksheets are downloadable and yours to keep! You can make copies and practice them every 90 days for the rest of your life. 

Easeful, Convenient Learning
Cozy up, learn from bed, the bathtub, or while nursing a baby or two. There are no live classes, so feel free to show up naked anytime. 

Our womb-centered customer service is happy to usher your experience. Contact [email protected] Feel free to lean on one another in our PRIVATE Facebook group, where we have community building activities and challenges to help keep you accountable, and the momentum going. 

Three Months Long
We recommend that you dedicate time to complete the Matriz y Concha experience within 3 months, but you can also subscribe for one year access and do it at your own pace.

If you were my close comadre asking for advice on joining Matriz y Concha, I’d say you have two options:

Option #1. 

Sign up for Matriz y Concha + give yourself permission to reclaim time + space to LOVE YOURSELF more deeply. Use what you learn here to amplify the amazing parts of your life and consider this upgrade as a NEW baseline, the new (amazing) normal: Only moving upward from here. This is your NEW life, that you excitedly allow to unfold.  

Option #2. 

Use your creativity, energy, and resources to come up with something else that may (or may not) give you everything you need to care for your womb with ease and confidence. Risk burning out due to lack of support. Risk not following through when you hit inevitable road bumps because you lack guidance. Instead of enjoying your body, you feel obligated and TRY HARD to make shifts until drudgery eventually kills your inspiration.

Matriz y Concha was created to offer women + folks with uteruses the knowledge and inspiration to uplift themselves from the inside out and heal their lineage in the process, using the power of la Matriz. It does this by educating and inspiring you to learn how to care for yourself using traditional healing ways. 
I have seen first hand + believe in the power of Matriz y Concha to change lives so much that I’m allowing everyone the opportunity to access it for 30 Days - 100% risk free!
I want to be very clear on the terms, though, so escucha:
Matriz y Concha was created for dedicated people who are committed to putting in the hard work to self-reflect and heal. Because of that, my money-back-guarantee is only going to be available to those who complete 100% of the course and it's exercises. This ensures that you have actually done the inner work, and that you're not just giving up on your compromiso. If you finish and turn in proof of completing 100% of each module available within the first thirty days of your purchase, and still feel the course isn't for you, I’ll happily give you a 100% refund.
As the creator of Matriz y Concha, I want you to know that I'm 100% dedicated to enrolling students who are the right fit. I want to create a comunidad with the right kinds of folks who are committed to their success and to the success of others, so we can heal together. If this sounds like you, and you're ready to dig deep (deep, deep), I firmly believe that Matriz y Concha: Lifelong Self Womb Care is for you!




One year access!

6 payments of $363/month

Premium Membership Payment Plan

One year access