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If you’re interested in conscious biz topics like:

🔥Operating a sacred business

🔥Honoring your body + ancestros through your enterprise

🔥Protecting your cultura, self, + tu familia as a small business owner

🔥Cultivating justicia in all forms

🔥Investing in personal + entrepreneurial thriving, autonomy, kinship, + self sustainability

🔥Decolonial business habits + rituals for small business owners

🔥How to move through challenges as an embodied entrepreneur

🔥How to divest from Capitalism + help build an alternative economy

🔥Womb centered biz practices

🔥Self care + community care for micro business owners

When you show up LIVE, you get your questions answered by ME, in real time, so that you can replace doubt with the confidence of walking as a leader navigating capitalism critically + growing alongside your kin. 😎

If you want to ASCEND into a whole other realm of THRIVING, while being true to yourself, finding balance in your business, + tapping into your inner empress boss-bitch, then JOIN my monthly mentorship program:

🔥Indigebusiness Kinship Circle🔥

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I’m Panquetzani (she/her),

I’m a traditional healer who helps other BIPOC healers achieve sovereignty in their lives without burning out or selling out, by showing them how to migrate their healing manos ONLINE.

I’m not about the short-term capitalist tendency of competition. I’m in it for the long-haul. I want to see you THRIVE beside me, so that our impact reaches far beyond you and I, to generations backward + forward. I see us shifting the narratives of our peoples + creating ethical indigenous-centered infrastructures designed for our healing, wellness, + liberation.

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