READ: Indigemama Summit Welcome

Welcome to Indigemama Summit - the recordings from Matriz y Concha Online Summit which was offered live from Feb 5th-15th, 2018.

You have access to this training for the lifetime of the course, including future updates and upgrades. Receive PDFs, have lifetime access to all presentations, and gain access to more resources, support and learning tools.

Thank you for investing in yourself and trusting me to facilitate your womb clearing and activation. Your primary guide is your own intuition. Your primary support is the support of ancestors, community, family and friends.

This Indigemama course is meant to support you in your journey to complete well being. Use it as a therapeutic guide any time you need inspiration and guidance.

For more in-depth information about Mexican Traditional Medicine (MTM) approaches to healing, be sure to check out Matriz y Concha: Lifelong Self-Womb Care.

Infinite Womb Blessings!


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