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Hey! I’m Panquetzani. I teach folks how to heal themselves using the power of la matriz. My biggest teachers are my abuelas, my ancestors, and my sharp AF intuition. My lineage comes from Northern Mexico on my mom’s side, and Central Mexico on my dad’s side. Both lineages practice our uncut legacy of healing in two very distinct ways. I draw from both my maternal and paternal bodies of knowledge, as I am both traditions in the flesh.

I’ve been a community organizer since I was a 12 year old mocosa collecting concert donations at the huehuetero garden in East Los. As I grew older and came of age around revolutionary leaders, in ceremonia and on the front lines, I realized how womb wellness remained in obscurity. I saw chingonx women I fought for land justice with- strong women en la lucha, forced to give up their bodily autonomy. The second they stepped into the birthing room, their radical ideology of liberation came to a halt. There was NO ONE doing what I do now, but I KNEW there had to be a better way.

My ancestral memory guided me into my calling and I blossomed into who I am today.

Since 2008, I’ve taught over 100 live, in-person intensives, totaling more than 1,500 hours of live instruction. I’ve offered countless hours of free, donation based, + online education. Since officially founding Indigemama in 2012, I've served as a traditional herbalist, healer, + birthkeeper, for my communities. I’ve personally touched over 3,000 wombs + bellies across three countries + two dozen cities, showing by example what it looks like to thrive in your calling and reclaim your body + destiny. I’m grateful that I get to serve you, and be a teacher of teachers, healer of healers, and mother of mothers.

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