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Nourishing Herbal Infusions

The Wise Woman Tradition is the oldest healing tradition on the planet! Healing is based on the needs of the individual and one can bring balance and prevent di-ease in the body by consuming nourishing herbal infusions as part of their self care practice. Herbal Infusions are made by using a large amount of herb, and it’s brewed for over four hours. Therefore, herbal infusions are medicinally potent. There are many herbs that one can use to make herbal infusions to prevent cancer, assist with fertility and postpartum, calm the nervous system, bring energy and vitality to the body, improve sex drive, and nourish the body with high amounts of minerals, protein, and vitamins.

Since our bodies and plants are mostly water, we digest in a water base. Herbal infusions are so potent due to the water extracting the minerals, vitamins and nutrients, making it easier for the nourishment to be absorbed in our blood stream.

Learning Objectives:

Learn how to make an herbal infusion

Understand how to combine herbs for infusions

The benefits of herbal infusions

Understand the difference between tea and infusions

What precautions and caveats apply

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