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C-Section Recovery: Physical and Emotional Tools for Healing

This workshop changes the conversation around C-sections. It’s not about whether your body failed you or not. This is a point that people often get hung up on. I am not here to convince you one way or another. I am here to hold space for how you feel now and how you want to feel in the near future. It’s about where you are in your healing process and where you want to take yourself.

This workshop is filled with all the things I wish I had known before my first son’s c-section birth. You’ll find out new things about your body and it’s healing processes. You’ll gain tools to help your body physically heal. And you’ll experience psychosomatic exercises that will help you to follow your matriz to further integrating your birth experience. And you’ll be doing all of this in a wonderful community of people who will let you know that you’re not going through this alone.

Learning Objectives:

Learning about scar tissue

  • Scar tissue proliferation through fascia.
  • Scar tissue massage.
  • Castor oil to help heal scars

Herbs and other foods for healing.

  • Prodigiosa
  • Atole
  • Probiotic
  • Protein rich

How to make a castor pack and use it.

  • On-camera demonstration.

Womb meditation.

  • Specifically for healing from c-section.

Self- massage your scar.

  • Basic exercises to start with

Working with muscular challenges.

  • Core and pelvic floor basic care
  • See me for private coaching or catch my Elemental Body™ workshop for further detail.

Exercise and Sex

  • Follow your matriz

Somatic exercises focused on our birth story.

  • Individual
  • Partnered

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