About this Presentation

Postpartum Sexual Health Reintegration

Sexual health is an essential part of the birth process and it is essential to learn how
to honor and integrate it before, during, and after pregnancy. During the postpartum
phase we can easily become disconnected from our sexuality due to multiple
societal influences birth and parenthood. Simultaneously, we get wound-up tight in
ways we have never been before due to birth injuries and new daily movements (or
non-movement) in caring for an infant. The time after birth is new mental and
emotional territory that requires a type of support that is not often available in our

This workshop breaks the mold of the typical “get your body back” messaging aimed
at postpartum people and replaces it with an empowering philosophy for every
body. Built on values of intersectionality and body positivity, this class aims to equip
you with the knowledge and inspiration you need as you step into the next phase of
your life. This workshop will help you get your body and mind feeling juicy and
inspired during this critical time of growth and transformation.
Life after birth.
 This is a rebirth for you.
The 6 week Mark.
 What does it really mean?
 Obstetricians and Midwives are no different on this generic time marker.
 Major reasons most people aren’t ready for sex yet at 6 weeks.
 Redefining pleasure
 Sexual self-pleasure
Busting sexual health myths
 In order to be hot, sex has to be spontaneous.
 In order to be sex, it has to be penetrative.
Accelerator, breaks, context
 Sexual Excitation System (SES)
 Sexual Inhibition System (SIS)
 Examples
Stress and sexual health
 Why is it the number one nookie killer for most of us?
 To deal with it complete the cycle!
 What if sex helps one partner distress but not the other?
Physical health issues and sexual health
 Diastasis recti
 Scar tissue
 Organ prolapse
 Incontinence
Shame and sexual health
 Managing shame
 The power of our words