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**POC Only**

Birth is both altar and right of passage. Although not everyone will sit in this altar, we all enter through it as our first right of passage. One can never predict the way that Spirit will move things within a ceremonial space. What we do know, is that a deeper understanding of birth can bring personal and collective healing. In preparation for this presentation you are encouraged to discover your conception and birth stories if possible. It can also be helpful to gather stories about your maternal grandmother and the life of your parents around the time of your conception.

We acknowledge that each conception and birth journey is unique and traumatic experiences may have taken place. For your self-care it is recommended that you have plenty of clean water to drink as you listen as well as copal, sage or sweet grass to smudge with or aromatherapy aids like rosemary or lavender.

Learning Objectives

Indigenous views of birth

Physical illness as Spiritual illness

Intention of Birth

Cerradas for Postpartu

Ceremonial Foods for postpartum

Connection with Mother Earth

**People of Color Space**

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