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✨Embodied Enterprise✨ is a  LIVE experience that helps BIPOC healers CONFIDENTLY achieve sovereignty in their lives, without burning out or selling out, by showing you how to create your most TRANSFORMATIVE online offering in only 12-weeks. Whether you’re a noob or a PRO at the internet, I show you how to breathe life into your BEST online service or course, so that you have more time + energy for INFUSING your healing ESSENCE into your online offering- which is what really matters most.

✨EE✨ helps you delve into your heart, so that you curate the most POWERFUL healing product possible for your people. I help you form an online product or service that provides an ethical, relationship-centered interchange with your clients. During ✨EE✨I coach you to develop your capacity + become WHO you’re meant to be, so that TOGETHER, we RECLAIM access to the resources we need + DESIRE for WELLNESS, peace of mind, + success. Be a living example of  HEALING MONEY TRAUMA, REDEFINING WEALTH + RE-INDIGENIZING BUSINESS. DO👏🏾THE 👏🏾WORK👏🏾 you’re meant to do, so that you can help others TRANSFORM while you leave behind a legacy of self-determination. 

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