Cohort 7 (C7) 2019 Webinar Calendar:

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Module 1: Yerbas- Sunday, November 24, 10am PST

Module 2: La Faja y el Rebozo- Sunday, December 22, 10am PST

Module 3: Vaginal Compress, Vaginal Steam and Herbal Slap Bath- Sunday, January 26, 10am PST

Module 4: La Sobada | La Cerrada de Caderas- Monday, February 17, 5pm PST

Module 5: Integration- Monday, March 16, 5pm PST

Module 6: Nutritive Healing- Monday, April 20, 5pm PST

Module 7: Womb Centered Enterprise- Monday, May 11, 5pm PST

Module 8: Contracts + Online Presence to Open Up Space IRL- Monday, June 15, 5pm PST

Module 9: ¡A Cerrar Este Curso! con Palabra y Amor- Monday, July 20, 5pm PST

Please make sure you attend seven of the nine dates (meetings are in Pacific Standard Time) to qualify for culmina. Our ACLC webinars are mandatory + crucial to integrating the holistic teachings into your personal life, family, and profession.