Culmination Requirements


1. Completion of ONE of the following courses:

  • Matriz y Concha: Lifelong Self Womb Care (online or in person)
  • Matriz Caida (online or in person)

2. One Letter of Recommendation by respected community elders (52 and up) -or- by two professionals in your field. Upload letters to your Google folder.

3. Complete Required Reading and Required Reading Assignments (see 'Required Reading' section).

4. Postpartum Numbers - Serve five initial postpartum clients and have them sign the "ACLC Practitioner Review" sheet. Upload completed forms to Google folder.

5. Sign forms:

  • Student Release of Liability
  • ACLC Code of Conduct and Social Media Policy
  • Grievance Policy, Mission Statement
  • ACLC Approach
  • Scope of Practice.

6. Integration, Self-Care, Peer Review, and Reflective Components

  • Complete all study supplements + questions in each module
  • Attend 7 out of 9 monthly webinars
  • Complete all modules