About this Course

Cultivate innate + professional skills, deepen your knowledge about the sacred postpartum, and use your understanding of Mexican Traditional Medicine to support birthing folks, babies, + families.


CLOSES: October 31, 2019 or when at capacity

Course Interchange

$1,999 investment


6 monthly installments of $384


9 monthly installments of $300

Enrollment closes OCTOBER 31, 2019 or when at capacity

Technical Requirements

Updated computer or smartphone with internet connection.


Matriz y Concha or Matriz Caida (online or in person). Please provide proof of completion by Module 9.

No Membership Fees

This is community building. Together, we are continuing the legacy of our foremothers and supporting one another through our journeys.

Course Completion

Indigemama and Indigescuela does not certify, but offers a certificate of completion upon culmination and culmination requirements. Course completion beyond your allotted 9 months and 30 day grace period involves additional fees. For details, see Culmination Requirements.

No Certification

What I am offering is a certificate of completion upon culmination and completion of assignments. I request that you practice this work honestly to carry these traditions forward with integrity, and homage to our ancestors. Please demonstrate respect to the instructors of this course to future clients and students. Share the names of your teachers, know when to ask for help, and always know you are accountable to our devoted community. There will be continuing education courses, workshops, events, and updated versions of the Cerrando Caderas text that you may purchase. There is always room to grow and learn. Opportunities for further learning may be denied if your values and practices are not in alignment with ACLC.

No Application Fees

Everyone coming to learn from me is here because they are in alignment with my vision, my mission, my purpose, and my ancestors. There is no application fee to apply to the course, just the one time fee or payment plan for the actual course. A limited number of students are accepted into the program per cohort. Smaller groups allow for more individualized learning, intimacy, community building, emergent education, and critical dialogue. Please make sure you are able to fulfill the requirements before enrolling.


Indigemama believes in making ancestral knowledge accessible in her community. As a small enterprise with it’s core values in a just, regenerative economy + self-sustainability, we offer one (1) FULL scholarship, and two (2) partial scholarships per cohort. Only qualified applicants who apply by the first day of class will be considered. Scholarships will not be given retroactively to currently or previously enrolled students.


Due to the nature of our web education program (downloadable videos and study supplements), refunds will not be given for any reason. No returns, make-ups. Non-transferable.

A Cerrar las Caderas (ACLC)

Honoring postpartum.

ACLC Vision

ACLC revitalizes the sacred postpartum with Mexican Traditional Medicine (MTM) bodywork, herbalism, healing foods, + nurturing guidance. ACLC cultivates education, self-sustainability, resources, and support to the growing number of Indigenous birth keepers worldwide. Together, the ACLC comunidad helps secure a healthy postpartum experience for birthing folks, babies, and families who are the foundation of the communities in which we serve.



Sumayyah Franklin

Ana Siria Urzua

Eutimia Cruz Montoya

Alida Cardos Whaley



Raeanne Madisson